What about the Recording and Making of Radio Plays?

- Sep 20, 2018-

The recording of a radio drama is generally divided into three steps: audition, official recording, and program production. Perform audition according to the different characters of the script, first determine the type of microphone, effective angle, distance from the ground and the distance from the sound source. According to the requirements of the script, the sounds of each character are modified and level adjusted. After the audition, the official recording was started according to the established recording scheme. At the same time, it should be noted that each sound effect (including indoor and outdoor sound effects) must meet the predetermined requirements.

The characteristics of the radio drama are the harmonious combination of various sound effects, language and music to express the story and the main idea and shape the characters. Through the audience's rich imagination to show the scenes in the drama, the sound of the sound is as good as the person, especially like the artistic effect of the scene. It is a combination of electroacoustic technology and art, and cannot be replaced by other forms of expression.

Radio drama is an emerging form of broadcast art that belongs to the art of hearing. It is made up of language, music and sound effects.

Radio drama production: Combine recorded language and sound effects materials in the order of the script. The commentary is often used as a means of transition, and sometimes a few simple commentary can fully demonstrate the time, place, space and plot development in the plot. Therefore, the commentary should be clear, round and intimate regardless of the simultaneous or staging recording to achieve the perfect artistic effect.



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