Types of Computer Microphones

- Apr 19, 2018-

In general, microphones fall into three categories: band microphones, moving coil microphones, and condenser microphones. Most computer microphones are condenser microphones, good microphones, high-pitched clear-sweeping microphones, full-bodied bass, and deep bass. Noise-free noise, the sensitivity of computer microphones is relatively high, and there are certain modifications to the sound.

In the selection of the microphone, we must first be able to hear the sound performance of the microphone, and the second is to select the corresponding computer microphone according to the purpose and own tone.

Maono Technology Co., Ltd. launches a great podcast computer microphone. It comes with a compact desktop microphone stand, which brings you a great portability. This computer microphone can deliver a fuller, round and warmer sound. This professional condenser computer microphone is good for podcasting, gaming, voiceover work, etc. It will give you the ease of plug-and-play USB connectivity on both Mac and Windows computers.

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