Two Methods of Input Gain of Mixer

- Sep 18, 2018-

1. Test method

This method is suitable for adjustments where the sound pressure level of the sound source, the microphone specifications, and the mixer input gain, and its headroom is ignorant.

First adjust the distance between the microphone and the sound source, then turn the mixer's microphone amplifier (referred to as the speaker) input gain knob counterclockwise to the minimum, and set the mixer's input channel, monitor channel, and total output channel push-pull attenuator. At the 0dB scale with a gain of 1, when the sound source is at the maximum sound pressure level, slowly turn the phono input gain knob clockwise to observe the volume meter of the input channel and the total output channel at this time, so that the indication is normal without overload. In the volume area, the input gain obtained at this time is the correct input gain of the mixer. Or you can take the following methods: first turn off the input channel, monitor channel, the total output channel push-pull attenuator and counter-clockwise to put the input gain, then press the "PRE" button, the maximum sound pressure level of the accompanying sound source When the input gain knob is turned on, the input gain of the mixer is determined by observing the input and output volume meters.

2. The calculation method

This method is based on the sound pressure level of the sound source, the technical indicators of the microphone and the mixer, and the results are calculated, so it is universal and adaptable to any sound source, microphone and mixer.



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