Troubleshooting of the Amplifying System

- Jul 16, 2018-

1. After the wireless microphone is turned on, align the microphone and the speaker is silent. What is the reason? How to solve it?

(1) The battery on the wireless microphone is low. You should replace the battery at this time.

(2) The volume knob of the tuner is not turned on. At this time, the knob should be adjusted to 3/5 or more.

(3) The angle of the receiving antenna of the tuner is not adjusted. At this time, the antenna angle should be rotated to avoid the occurrence of a deadband of the received signal in the active area of the user.

(4) The carrier frequency of the microphone deviates from the receiving frequency range of the tuner. At this time, it must be re-adjusted and fixed with the relevant test equipment.

2. The left and right speakers are unbalanced. What is the reason? How to solve it?

(1) The sensitivity of the left and right channel speaker speakers is inconsistent, and the sound output of the left and right channels can be adjusted to make the sound of the speakers close to the same.

(2) The output power signals of the left and right channels are unbalanced, and the input and output gains of the devices on the left and right channels can be adjusted to approximately the same indication value.

(3) Frequently, the volume level of the left and right channels of the sound source is different. When the speaker is playing, two channels of sound imbalance are generated. It can be solved by adjusting the gain knob or channel fader of the input channel of the digital amplifier. The average sound volume of the speakers is roughly the same.

3. When the power amplifier module sound system is muted, the hum is very loud. What is the reason? How to solve it?

(1) The shielded wire of the connecting line between the devices of each channel is in poor contact or soldered. At this time, it must be carefully checked to make the welding firm.

(2) When the power socket is switched from a 3-wire (single-phase) socket to a 2-wire socket, the neutral line is swapped with the live line, and it can be reversed again.

(3) Some audio equipment's power cord is 3 feet, the middle is the ground line, the left side is the fire line, and the right side is the neutral line. Connect it to the socket, the socket should be standardized, otherwise it will easily cause hum. Some audio equipment's power cord is sent to the 2 feet. Although it can be inserted into the single-phase fire and neutral lines, the work is not affected, but it may cause humming after the adjustment. At this point, you can try the plug to see if you can reduce the hum.

(4) Some digital amplifier mixers output in balanced form, which will produce hum, and the output must be converted from balanced connection to unbalanced connection. This method is especially suitable for noise gates on the compressor.

(5) When the microphone cable is bundled with the AC power cable, it will cause AC induction, which will produce hum. At this point, the microphone line should be separated from the power line, preferably away from some.

(6) When the signal shielding ground wire is short-circuited with the output ground wire or looped through the frame, it will cause hum and interference noise. The elimination method is to avoid multi-point grounding, open the ground wire, and connect the rack to the ground wire with thick wires.



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