Tone Adjustment Technique – Snare Drum

- Sep 05, 2018-

Snare drums are widely used in symphony orchestras, in military bands, in jazz bands, and in rock bands. 240Hz affects the fullness of the sound. If this frequency is full, the sound will become thicker; the frequency of 2kHz affects the intensity and loudness of the sound, which is the knocking frequency of the drum and the drum.

The 5 kHz frequency is the chord sound frequency of the drum. On the back of the drum is a set of metal spring strings attached to the back drum. When the drum skin vibrates, the back drum skin and the wire spring collide, giving a special composite sound effect. This impact sound is in the mid-high frequency range of 3-6 kHz. If the 5 kHz frequency gives a certain increase, the sound of the metal wire will be strong, and the tone characteristics of the snare drum will be perfectly displayed.



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