Tone Adjustment Technique – Piano

- Sep 05, 2018-

27.5 ~ 4186Hz is the basic audio segment of the piano. As the piano increases its frequency, its tone becomes thinner. That is to say, the higher the upper the big character group, the thicker the tone; the higher the small character group, the thinner the tone. Therefore, the pitch of the middle to the high-pitched area of the piano should be given a certain improvement, which can make its pitch and low-order overtones have good performance, improve the fullness and thickness of the sound, and thus improve the tone expression of the piano. That is, it should be given a certain promotion from the range of C1 ~ C5. Because the main range of music is in the midrange and mid-high range, raising this band will give the tone a good expression.

In addition, the cabinet of the piano, whether it is a grand piano or a box piano, is the resonance frequency of the cabinet space. 20~50Hz is the formant frequency of the piano. If you find that the sound is turbid and unclear during performance, you can properly attenuate the frequency band of 20~50Hz to eliminate or alleviate this bad phenomenon.



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