Tone Adjustment Technique – Oboe

- Sep 05, 2018-

The frequency band of 300 Hz to 1 kHz is the pitch region frequency of the oboe, which affects the fullness and strength of the oboe. This band should be given a certain degree of improvement so that the tone of the oboe can have a certain degree of flexibility and sufficient loudness.

This frequency range of 5 to 6 kHz affects the brightness and clarity of the oboe tone. Its tone is bright and gorgeous. Therefore, the amplitude of this frequency must also be improved to ensure that the best tone of the oboe can be optimally played.

If the relatively wide frequency band of 1-5 kHz is given a certain improvement, the performance and coherence and fluency of the melody of the oboe, such as decorative sound, portamento, vibrato, etc., will be more delicate and beautiful. Enhance the rich expressive power of the oboe in the cadenza section.

The oboe is the main melody instrument of woodwind instruments. It is the same as the violin of the string part. If its own sound is perfect, it will bring the harmony of the tone structure of the whole band.



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