Tone Adjustment Technique – Flute

- Sep 05, 2018-

The frequency band of 250 Hz to 1 kHz is the main pitch area of the flute, which affects the fullness of the flute sound. If this band is full, the pitch of the flute is very active and full. A certain improvement should be given to this band, because the mid- and high-frequency overtones of the flute are rich, and if the pitch and low-frequency overtones are not full, the tone of the flute will become sharp. Therefore, the bass has a certain extension characteristic, so that the spectrum curve of the low, medium and high frequency overtones of the flute can be constructed more harmoniously, so that the tone of the flute is more natural.

The frequency band of 5 to 6 kHz is the frequency of the middle and high frequency overtone regions of the flute, and is also the frequency of the flute personality, affecting the brightness and clarity of the tone. If this frequency is rich in amplitude, then the feeling of flute mouth blowing, the sound of mouth air, and the sound of the wind will behave really, and the tone will be very delicate, and the sound characteristics of the instrument itself will be expressed.



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