Tips for Outside Interview Recording of Radio Programs

- Sep 26, 2018-

First of all, before recording on a broadcast program, the sound engineer must be familiar with the recording environment as soon as possible, understand the acoustic characteristics and operating status of each device, and perform pre-parameter settings of key equipment such as microphones, mixers, recording workstations, speakers, and dynamic processors. At the same time, the sound engineer should have a deep understanding of the style and characteristics of the recorded programs, set different recording conditions according to their expression requirements, coordinate the sounding of the broadcasters, and control the sound management of the venue.

When recording externally, you must choose a portable, stable, and adaptable device to avoid the selection of equipment with complicated principles and inconvenient operation. Generally speaking, the external mining equipment is mainly divided into the following types:

1. Recording equipment: The recording equipment generally selects a portable multi-track hard disk recorder with stable performance and stable performance as a recording device for external recording. The advantages are: strong adaptability to the environment; stable operation; strong and durable; digital format recording, storage and easy to transfer; track record, for the convenience of the post-editing of the interview recording.

2. Peripheral equipment: peripheral equipment should be minimized, such as professional mixers can be replaced by the virtual digital mixer of the multitrack recorder.

3. Headphones: the choice of headphones cannot be ignored; it determines the sound quality of the sound engineer, reporters, on-site feedback and timely adjustment. Generally choose earphones with good airtightness and flat frequency response curve, try to restore the true condition of the original sound.



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