Three States Of The Circuit

- Jul 05, 2018-

(1) Access: A circuit that is turned on. Features: There is current in the circuit and the appliance works normally.

(2) Open circuit: disconnected circuit. Features: There is no current in the circuit, the appliance cannot work.

(3) Short circuit: Definition: The two ends of the power supply or the two ends of the electric appliance are directly connected by wires (the current does not pass through the electric appliance). Features: The power supply is short-circuited, there is a large current in the circuit, it may burn out the power supply or burn the insulation of the wire, which is easy to cause fire. In a parallel circuit, once a branch is short-circuited, the entire circuit is short-circuited.

Open circuit and access are common to circuits, such as the on and off of lights. The short circuit is a dangerous state and should definitely be avoided.



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