Three Important Considerations for Using Speakers

- Jul 16, 2018-

First, the wiring of the speaker should be correct.

Before using the speaker, make sure the wiring is correct. If the speaker is using a 110 volt power supply, plug its socket directly into the 220 volt power supply. It is very likely that the speaker will burn out. The burnt place may be the transformer, coil, triode or fuse inside the speaker, which needs to be checked one by one.

There is also a situation in which the speaker will be burned, that is, in the case of power-on, the short connection of the speaker cable leads to a short circuit. Therefore, when handling the wire, the wire is preferably soldered to prevent burrs and maintain a suitable length.

Another thing to note is that when starting, shutting down, restarting, etc., the speaker should be turned off or the volume should be turned off to a minimum, otherwise a large inrush current will damage the speaker or burn the unit.

Second, the speaker should pay attention to cleaning.

The dust cover and protective cover of the speaker can effectively prevent the user from accidentally touching the playback unit and causing damage. When you don't use the speakers, you can cover the speakers with a piece of cloth that not only prevents dust, but also prevents the speaker casing from oxidizing.

When cleaning the dust of the speaker enclosure, use a towel dampened with water and gently wipe it. Do not let the speaker unit get wet, and wait until the surface of the speaker is completely dry before turning it on.

The speaker has been used for a long time, and the terminal of the speaker cable may be oxidized, which affects the use, and needs to be properly cleaned with a cleaning agent to maintain an optimal connection state.

Third, the use environment of the speakers

1. The speaker should be avoided in a humid place or direct sunlight, otherwise it will cause the box to embrittlement and burst or surface blistering, and even cause the aging of the electrical components inside the speaker, which will reduce the life of the speaker.

Speakers should not work in an environment higher than 40 degrees. If the temperature of the environment is around 0 degrees, then play slowly and soft music for about half an hour, and lower the level, let the speakers warm up and replay loud pressure and great dynamic music.

2. Speakers should stay away from strong magnetic fields, do not be close to easy-to-magnetize items such as monitors and mobile phones. The distance between the two speakers should not be too close to avoid noise.

3. When using the microphone, do not point the microphone at the speaker, otherwise the sound of the speaker will enter the microphone, form an acoustic feedback, and produce a howling, which may burn the high-pitched part.



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