The Working Principle of the Recorder

- Oct 11, 2018-

1. Recording principle: The sound is converted into an audio electric signal through a microphone, and is amplified by an audio amplifying circuit and sent to a recording head. When the amplified audio signal current passes through the coil of the recording head, a magnetic field which changes with the audio current is generated in the core of the magnetic head. Since the tape is in close contact with the gap of the recording head core, the magnetic lines of force in the core form a magnetic closed loop through the magnetic tape placed under the head, causing the magnetic tape passing through the gap to be magnetized. Since the magnetic lines of force vary with the audio signal, the degree to which the magnetic tape is magnetized during the movement also varies with the audio signal. This records the sound on the tape in the form of a track. Therefore, the process of tape recording is a process of converting an electrical signal that changes with audio into a magnetic signal through a magnetic head, and storing the sound information on a magnetic tape in the form of a track.

2. The principle of sound reproduction: the tape of the recording track is played under the same speed as the recording, and the magnetic field line which changes with the audio signal on the magnetic tape forms a magnetic closure loop with the iron core of the reproducing magnetic head. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, when the magnetic field line changing with the audio signal passes through the magnetic head coil, the audio current is induced in the coil. The weak audio signal current is amplified by the audio amplifying circuit to push the horn to sound, so that we hear the sound.



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