The Working Mode and Advantages of Horn Loudspeaker

- Jul 18, 2018-

The horn loudspeaker works in such a way that its diaphragm radiates sound waves into the surrounding space through a horn. We have this kind of experience in our daily lives. When we need to shout to people in the distance, we often put our hands together and put them on our lips, so that the sound can be concentrated so that it can travel farther in a certain direction. This elbow is like a driver. The two closed hands play the role of a horn. The horn speaker can be divided into round, square and rectangular according to the shape of the horn. Round and square horns the speakers have the same horizontal directivity and vertical directivity. The rectangular horn loudspeaker has a sharper directivity in a plane parallel to the long side and a wider directivity in a plane parallel to the short side.

The advantage of the horn loudspeaker is that its impedance characteristics vary little with frequency, with good mid-high frequency characteristics and high electroacoustic conversion efficiency; and the horn loudspeaker has sharper directivity over the entire operating frequency range, subject to frequency. The impact of change is also small. The disadvantage of the horn speaker is that the operating frequency band is relatively narrow and the frequency distortion at the low frequency end is large. Due to the above advantages, the horn type tweeter is still widely used in the Hi-Fi sound system.



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