The Use Points of Speaker

- Jul 17, 2018-

(1) Reasonably place the two main speakers to a certain distance to get a better stereo effect. The base of the speaker should be firm and cannot be shaken by the sound of the speaker. The environment in which the speaker works should be protected from high temperatures and dryness and should be placed in a ventilated place. No objects can be placed on the top of the speaker to prevent the sound quality from being disturbed by its resonance. Speakers are strong magnetic field devices, so be careful not to get away from TVs, watches, tapes, etc.

(2) The connection between the short speaker and the amplifier should be as short and thick as possible. Now there is an oxygen-free pure copper wire specially used for connecting speakers in China, which is helpful for improving the sound quality. It can be selected according to the investment situation. .

(3) The loudness should be limited by the power of the appropriate speaker. Do not let it work at full load, generally greater than the minimum recommended power. If the speaker is operated at the extreme power for a long time, its life will be reduced, and in serious cases, the speaker will be damaged.

(4) Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning the speaker requires a soft damp cloth without any cleaning agent. The speaker grille is easy to fall off and can be cleaned with a fine brush.



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