The System Composition and Characteristics of the Digital Conference System

- Jul 13, 2018-

Digital conference system is a conference automation management system integrating computer, communication, automatic control, multimedia, image, audio and other technologies. The digital conference system generally consists of a network subsystem, a projection display subsystem, an audio subsystem, a monitoring subsystem, a conference presentation subsystem, a lighting effect subsystem, and a central control subsystem. All systems use computer network as a platform to share data and control information, decentralized operation and centralized control, so that equipment operators can easily and quickly monitor and control all devices. Its main features are:

1. Digitization. The internal transmission of the system is a digital signal, and the "analog-to-digital" conversion technology is used in the microphones used by the delegates. Most unit devices also use analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, so external analog devices (such as broadcast, recording, wired or wireless audio devices) can access the digital system network directly through the audio media interface.

2. Modular. Meetings of any level can be combined to form a corresponding system by modular selection of equipment that meets the requirements. For the established system, more multimedia devices can also be added, and the control is implemented by computer software to further expand the system.



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