The Structure of the Sound Console

- Jul 11, 2018-

The sound console generally has a plurality of input ports and a plurality of output ports, and at the same time, a plurality of control knobs and buttons corresponding to the respective ports are provided to constitute different input/output channels.

Therefore, it is customary to divide the basic structure of the sound console into two parts, namely an input channel composed of input components and an output channel or main control portion composed of output components. Among them, the input channel part refers to each input channel including mono input and stereo input, and the main control part refers to each output channel including stereo main output and auxiliary, grouping and other output, stereo return usually also located in the main control section, they are all connected to the sound console's overall bus (called the bus or bus).

In addition, the unit components of the sound console are connected. The signal is connected to the busbar through the socket, and the busbar is mostly fabricated on the printed circuit board. The new sound console also features an unshielded flat cable that can be used to arbitrarily combine the input channels of the sound console through the isolation resistor and the panel's distributor and input components. The controllers of various functions (ie, each function button) and the wiring port are firmly mounted on the panel, which is light, easy to observe and adjust, and can be easily connected to other devices through connectors and cables.



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