The Staccato of Wireless Microphone

- Aug 20, 2018-

The staccato of wireless microphone can be roughly divided into the following aspects.

1. The interference of radio waves, the same frequency interference in the frequency band where the receiver works, especially the interference in the low frequency band is especially serious, only the frequency point can be replaced, try to use the microphone with high U-end frequency, and the best condition is to use diversity receive wireless microphone.

2.  Wireless microphone use distance is too far; this can only be solved by installing an antenna amplifier.

3. There is strong electromagnetic field interference nearby, which is generally caused by high-power electrical equipment, such as thyristor dimming box, high-power switching power supply, etc. These devices will generate strong electromagnetic field interference with a wide frequency band when working, try to these devices are used away from the distance and do not use the same power source, such as devices powered by switching power supplies (DVD, PC) and not with the microphone receiver. Also, do not use high-power wireless intercom devices nearby when using wireless microphones.

4. The quality of the wireless microphone itself, especially the low-end microphone quality is not good, the frequency is unstable, the running frequency will also be broken, and some microphones do not care during the use, often crash, causing the internal high-frequency devices to loosen (the magnetic core and the inductance) change the resonance point of the circuit operation, causing the transmission signal to become small or the sensitivity to be lowered, and the sound is broken.

5. The poor wireless microphone working environment and location will also break the sound, the wireless receiver in receiving, in addition to receiving the direct wave of the transmitted signal, it will also receive the reflected wave reflected by the surrounding environment, when the two phases are opposite, and the signal strengths will cancel each other out. The signal strength on the line is lower than the mute action point of the receiver, that is, the phenomenon of receiving the dead angle occurs, and the output of the receiver will be briefly broken.



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