The Recording Studio Needs Professional Acoustics Design and Decoration

- Oct 19, 2018-

1. The recording studio is divided into two parts: the control room and the recording studio. The control room is equipped with recording equipment and the recording room is for actors to sing. There is a soundproof wall (preferably masonry structure) in the middle of the two rooms, and a sealed glass window shall be installed on the wall for mutual communication. The glazing is 3 layers, each layer is 6-8 mm, and the middle layer is installed at an angle of 20 degrees to improve the sound insulation. Pay special attention to the seal at the seam when installing the glazing.

2. There must be a cable passing between the two rooms for transmitting the microphone signal and the return signal. The cable can be punched through the wall, as small as possible, and filled to avoid leakage. There is a headphone splitter in the studio that monitors the accompaniment with multiple actors.

3. It is best to use a condenser microphone with high sensitivity for recording. The microphone should be removed after recording and pay attention to moisture. The microphone is configured with at least 2 pins for recording stereo signals.

4. The recording studio should be as soundproof as possible to the outside world. There should be no windows, etc. The sealing edge should be added to the door. The thickness of the door should also meet the requirements of no sound leakage. If the window can be sealed with masonry, or a removable partition is added. Board, and then thicken the curtains.

5. In addition to sound insulation (mainly doors and windows), the studio should also absorb sound to reduce the reverberation of the room. If it is an ordinary wall, the easiest way is to hang the sound-absorbing curtain around the ground. It is also possible to lay a carpet that can be folded at any time to adjust the reverberation of the room according to the needs of the recording. For the recording of popular songs, room reverberation is usually not required, so the sound absorption can be larger.

6. If you want to decorate it, you can lay wooden floor with a 1 meter high wooden wall skirt around it, a gypsum board for sound absorption on the top and sound-absorbing mineral wool between the plasterboard and the wall.

7. In addition, adding a soft sponge to the wall and door is also a simple and effective method of sound absorption.

8. The decoration of the control room is basically the same as that of the recording studio. The control room must be clean and tidy, no smoking, the power socket is safe and tidy, there is a total control switch, and if possible, an uninterruptible power supply can be configured for the main equipment (note that the amplifier cannot be connected) Intermittent power supply may cause power overload).

9. The light in the recording studio should be as soft as possible to avoid eye strain. Air conditioning should be configured for summer use, but the air conditioner in the studio should not be turned on during recording to avoid recording noise.

10. In general, studio decoration should meet the requirements of both sound and appearance when investment is allowed. For most recording occasions, the above decoration can fully meet the needs, and the quality of the studio environment directly affects the attraction customers and the play of the actors.



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