The Recording Needs A Sense of Direction

- Oct 08, 2018-

There are no reflective objects in the unenclosed space, thus eliminating the interference of reflected sound, so we can use a heart-shaped condenser microphone and a strong directional microphone. The non-enclosed space is often what we usually call “outdoor”. In the “outdoor”, there are few reflectors that block the sound propagation, so the sound waves can be transmitted far away. We must use a relatively sensitive pickup to experience this distant sound. Sound pick-up equipment highlights the language, making the language clearer and less disturbed by ambient sounds.

The placement of the recording microphone is very important. In general, the microphone should be above the actor and should point to the actor's mouth. If there are two people and the microphone has only one, the microphone should be rotated between the words, but should not be rotated when speaking. It can lead to changes in the actor's voice, which sounds quite unnatural. For the outdoor play in the shed, the spatial reverberation sound must be properly handled to ensure the sound transition from the outdoor to the indoor, and the reverberation time is reasonably increased and decreased, and the transition of the sound is naturally natural and smooth. The noise sampling of the real shot environment is also done in a very detailed manner. The noise reducer in the click effect plays a big role in eliminating the environmental noise in the recorded sound.



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