The Problems of Digital Effectors Pay Attention to

- Sep 17, 2018-

The digital effect device is an audio peripheral device that processes and manufactures various sound field effects and reverberation effects. Here are some questions to be aware of when using the effect device.

1. During the construction of the project, for the sake of beauty and professionalism, many technicians like to install the effector in the cabinet. This seems normal and reasonable, but because the effector is most susceptible to interference from external signals, many devices in the cabinet, In addition, the long signal line from the cabinet to the mixer will seriously interfere with the effector, causing a lot of noise in the signal sent to the mixer by the effector. In severe cases, all the noise may be unusable. Therefore, when installing the device, it is best to put the effector next to the mixer, but do not stack it with devices such as wireless microphones and disc players. This is a convenient operation, which can flexibly transform the effect we need; the most important thing is to reduce the interference. I believe that many sound engineers are not aware of this now, and everyone can do their own experiments.

2. There are some effects when we choose the effect program, you also need to press the "lock" button, otherwise the program number is always flashing, indicating that the program is not activated, then unless we know the original program, Otherwise, don't blindly lock another effect program that we don't know, because some of the effects of the program are more "horrible and weird". Some programs have very high signal output levels. If you choose such a program by mistake, it may cause the microphone is seriously lost or the vocality is seriously deteriorated.

3. Now when most of the effects are changed from one program to another, there is a conversion time in the middle. During this time, there is no effect output in the effect, although it takes less than a few seconds, but if it is still noticeable when changing the effect in the performance, we should try to avoid this phenomenon.

4. If the effect is not working properly, it will produce acoustic feedback. This feedback sound is generally continuous, unlike the microphone sound feedback is short and strong, for example, in a mixer, if we send a signal from AUX6 The effect device, if the signal is output to the 23-24 channel of the mixer after the effect processing, then the AUX6 knob in the 23-24 two channels should not be turned on again, otherwise it will be processed by the effector. The signal will flow back to the effect. As a result, a loop is formed between the AUX and the effector, and when the loop level gain exceeds a certain range, an acoustic feedback phenomenon occurs. Of course, it is not enough to have a good vocal sound in a sound system. It only needs to be able to make a good direct sound in the system, and then match the appropriate sound, so that it will be as perfect vocal effects as possible.



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