The Principles of Audio Wireless Transmission and Reception

- Jul 17, 2018-

1. Audio transmission

(1) Radio waves exist everywhere on the ground and in space. The magnetic field is formed according to the frequency and magnitude of the frequency. The radiation distance is far and near, so the method of use is different.

(2) radio waves, according to the frequency can be divided into low frequency, high frequency, ultra high frequency, etc., the higher the frequency, the stronger the penetration, and the farther the transmission distance (the other the output power is larger, the distance is farther), generally It is divided into low frequency below 3MHz and high frequency above 3MHz. Now we only talk about low frequency.

(3) The audio belongs to the low frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz, so it can't be transmitted by electromagnetic wave but by magnetic field. We will amplify the signal in this frequency range, and convert the electric energy into magnetic energy through the load. The output loop is as close as possible to the receiver and produces a sufficiently strong magnetic field with the space around us to meet the reception requirements.

2. The principle of reception

Wireless reception is to generate an alternating magnetic field by coils wound around the wall in the classroom. The magnetic energy is converted into electrical energy through the earphone induction coil, which is amplified, and converted into sound energy by the speaker to emit sound.



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