The Principle of Stereo Recording

- Sep 29, 2018-

The principle of stereo recording is based on the time difference or the main difference in time. A recording method in which two models and performance-matched microphones are placed side by side and pulled apart by a certain distance is called AB system. According to the difference in the distance between the two microphones, it is divided into large AB and small AB. The difference between the two is that the distance is different, the distance of the former is one meter to several tens of meters, and the distance of the latter is 10 centimeters to 50 centimeters.

For stereo recording, the microphone is very important. There are three ways to place the microphone:

1. The two microphones are deflected inward. Although this is also a common way of small AB, it is easy to make the left and right crosses and reverse the phase! If the two microphones are close together, it actually becomes a cross horizontal setting in the XY system.

2. The two microphone spindles are parallel. The normal working area is the area between the two parallel main axes of the pair of microphones.

3. The two microphones are respectively opened to the outside. The main axes of the two microphones intersect at an angle.



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