The Principle of Karaoke Microphone

- Jul 23, 2018-

In recent years, karaoke has been popular in all corners of the country, and many audio and video equipment have karaoke functions, of which microphones are important components. It is very important to understand the principle of the microphone, to use the microphone reasonably, to play the karaoke function well, and to get good sound effects.

Working principle:

At present, commercial karaoke song and dance halls are widely used in home karaoke systems, and can be divided into wired karaoke microphones and wireless karaoke microphones.

Wired Karaoke Microphone As the name suggests, the output signal of a wired karaoke microphone is sent to a sound reinforcement device via a cable.

The commonly used wired karaoke microphone is mainly a moving coil type. Its working principle is: when the sound wave acts on the diaphragm of the microphone to make it vibrate, the voice coil bonded to the diaphragm also corresponds in the air gap of the magnetic circuit. Ground vibration, cutting magnetic lines of force, and generating an induced electromotive force in the voice coil. However, the electromotive force of the microphone output is very low, and a step-up transformer is usually connected to the output end of the microphone to be mated with the audio equipment.

The head of a wireless karaoke microphone converts an acoustic signal into an electrical signal, the electrical signal is frequency modulated on a carrier, and the frequency modulated carrier radio signal is transmitted by the antenna. After the radio signal is received by the FM receiver, the sound signal is restored and sent to the karaoke machine.



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