The Principle and Application of Constant Voltage Amplifier

- Oct 29, 2018-

Constant voltage amplifier: The output impedance of ordinary power amplifier is very small, generally 8 ohms, not suitable for long distance transmission. The signal voltage output from the constant-voltage power amplifier is very high, suitable for long-distance transmission. The speaker (horn) connected to the constant-voltage power amplifier is equipped with a matching transformer for step-down.

In the case of sufficient power, a constant-voltage amplifier can be connected to several speakers, suitable for public address systems, but the sound quality is not as good as ordinary power amplifiers. “Combined” should refer to a constant voltage amplifier with preamplifier that can be connected directly to the microphone and other sources without the need for a mixer.

The output voltage does not change with the change of the load impedance, that is, the power amplifier whose output audio signal has the same maximum voltage. Due to the deep negative feedback, the output voltage is very stable, and the load connected to the amplifier is within the rated power range. The impact is small. In order to reduce the power loss of the transmission line in long-distance power transmission, an output transformer is needed. The output voltage is mainly 70V, 90V, 120V, etc. The higher the voltage is, the smaller the transmission line loss, but the sound quality is not very good due to the use of the output transformer. Generally used in background music systems and cable broadcasting systems.



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