The Omnidirectional Microphone for Recording

- Aug 07, 2018-

The omnidirectional microphone has the same sensitivity for all angles, which means it picks up the sound evenly from all directions. It is rarely used in live recording because of echo. However, it is a very effective tool in the workroom, especially if you want to pick up all the sounds of the room. Another characteristic of the omnidirectional microphone is that it does not change more of the sound characteristics as the distance changes. In other words, even if the singer moves on the stage, the recorded sound does not change too much, and the sound will be natural. You can often see the use of omnidirectional microphones on these occasions. All the singers and musicians of the traditional folk orchestra gather to perform. The omnidirectional microphone can balance the overall performance in the whole game.

This type of pointing microphone is equally sensitive to audio signals from all directions around the microphone. The biggest advantage of this type of microphone is that it does not produce significant proximity effects.

Compared with the cardioid microphone, the omnidirectional microphone has a wider sound field, which is especially suitable for recording chorus groups, environmental sound effects, and acoustic instruments. Because of its excellent spatial sense, it is close to the heart-shaped microphone. The effect is relatively small, which brings a benefit, and is not sensitive to the slight movement of the source. Another feature of omnidirectional is that it does not require too much balance.



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