The Most Common Fundamental Waveform in Audio Synthesis

- Aug 08, 2018-

1. Sine Wave

A sinusoidal sound is the purest sound. It consists of a single frequency with a uniform horizontal velocity, that is, only one fundamental frequency, that is, its own, and no other overtones. It is called a “sinusoidal” sound because in the graph display, the sinusoidal waveform vibration curve changes with the law of the trigonometric sinusoid.

2. Triangle Wave

The shape of the triangle wave contains two linear phases, so the position of the harmonic of the triangle wave will fall in its odd number. If compared with a sine wave of the same frequency, the triangle wave sounds four sounds of C, E, G, and B. The first harmonic of the triangle wave can be clearly discerned, while other harmonic energy is small, so we often mistake the triangle wave Sine wave.

3. Sawtooth Wave

The shape of the sawtooth wave is similar to a triangular wave, but the sawtooth wave contains odd and even harmonics, but is divided into Positive Sawtooth and Negative Sawtooth. The sound of the sawtooth sounds very bright.

4. Square Wave

The square wave's overtone only falls in the odd position, and the square wave has rich overtone content. Therefore, the sound effect produced by it is in contrast with the sinusoidal sound and is widely used in classical studios. The square wave generator was not only popular in early studios, but has become a standard device due to its rich sound resources.

5. Pulse Wave

A pulse wave is formed by changing the length of the positive and negative waves in the time domain to bring about a change in the spectrum. Pulse waves are close to square waves and have a rich overtone, so some textbooks treat the two as one. The biggest characteristic of the pulse wave is that it adjusts the harmonic number with the change of the time domain and the set parameters. The number of overtones depends on the shape of the pulse wave.



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