The Main Performance Indicators of the Frequency Synthesizer

- Sep 05, 2018-

Frequency synthesizers are an important part of modern electronic systems and are used in communications, radar, navigation, electronic countermeasures and test equipment. The main performance indicators of the frequency synthesizer include the following aspects.

(1) Output frequency range

The frequency range refers to the range of variation between the lowest frequency of the frequency synthesizer output and the highest frequency of the output, including the meaning of the center frequency and bandwidth.

(2) Frequency stability

The frequency stability refers to the value of the frequency synthesizer output frequency deviating from the calibration value within a specified time interval, and is divided into three kinds of stability degrees: long-term, short-term, and instantaneous.

(3) Frequency interval

The frequency interval is the minimum interval between two output frequencies, also called the frequency resolution. Frequency synthesizers for different purposes have different requirements for frequency spacing, from as small as a few hertz to as large as megahertz.

(4) Frequency conversion time

The frequency conversion time is the time at which the output frequency is converted from one frequency to another.

(5) Spectrum purity

The spectral purity is measured by spurious components and phase noise. The spurs are also called spurious signals. They are divided into harmonic components and non-harmonic components, which are mainly generated by nonlinear distortion in the frequency synthesis process. Phase noise is the measurement of the output signal the parameter of the phase jitter size.

(6) Modulation performance

Modulation performance refers to whether the output of the frequency synthesizer has functions such as amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM), and phase modulation (PM).



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