The Main Elements of Selecting the Studio

- Sep 25, 2018-

First of all, we must first understand the basic procedure of recording before choosing a studio. Simply put, we can divide it into two parts: pre-recording and post-mixing. The pre-recording is also the collection of sound, recording your own voice. The post-mixing is the process of extracting and re-creating the collected sound, and finally adding the accompaniment music into a song. Don't underestimate the late mix. Basically, whether it's the music album we heard, or some famous cover songs on the Internet, it's not just a simple scorpion. The effect of the later mix will directly affect the final effect.

So, how to judge whether a studio is good or not? The main thing is to listen with your ears. The studio will recommend some works for you. If you have certain musical literacy, your ears will ultimately determine the most important factors.

Of course, the most practical point is the price factor, which is based on the individual's budget.



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