The Line Failures of Sound System

- Jul 17, 2018-

Power line failure: There are many places where a power supply is used in a sound system. All kinds of power lines need to be connected. For example, power supply such as mixer and audio player, peripheral power supply, power amplifier power supply, stage power supply, Active speaker power supply, video system power supply, etc., a part requires a lot of power supply, so the power supply cable should be safe and reliable, try to avoid failure.

Signal line failure: If a sound system is likened to a person, then the signal connection line of the sound system is like a human blood vessel. How "blood circulation" directly affects the stability of the sound system.

Amplifier and speaker connection line failure: The connection between the amplifier and the speaker is highly valued, and the speaker cable with good quality and thickness will be used. The fault of the speaker cable is generally a short circuit. Now the speakers are using 6.35 plugs. The danger of short-circuiting such plugs will increase greatly; the speaker cables are rarely broken, so if the thick wires are broken, they are generally artificial. It is unlikely to be a problem with the wire itself.



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