The Line Connection of Sound Console

- Sep 27, 2018-

1. The main channel output: L-R main channel usually uses XLR card balance output; some small mixers are also replaced with TRS stereo jack.

2. Direct output part: more professional mixers each input channel also has a "Direct output" jack, this jack can be provided to other devices for recording, monitoring, etc., and usually every channel of the mixer the signal is output using the TRS stereo jack. Of course, for safety now, the 20 channels of the source signal are first adjusted and distributed through the signal amplification distributor, and then sent to the TV station mixer, live performance mixer, standby emergency mixer, recording mixer or other equipment, etc.

3. Group output: If we separately control the volume through the 1-2 groups, then we can only output the audio signal from the corresponding output jack of the mixer 1-2 group. Most of the output ports of the group output adopt TRS. The stereo jack acts as a balanced output.

4. Recording output: the general analog recording output signal socket mostly uses RCA lotus connector. If it is a digital signal, it may use other digital output methods such as fiber optic and firewire.

5. AUX output: AUX output in the mixer is most commonly used to output to the vocal effect, and secondly to provide the monitor signal to the band or singer, of course, can also have other uses.



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