The Knowledge of Sound Source

- Sep 05, 2018-

The sound source is the source of the sound. There is no sound source. It is impossible to restore the sound with the sound system. The sound source has two meanings. One is the carrier that records the sound. Only when the sound is recorded on a certain carrier, can the sound of the carrier be restored by the audio device, which is the source of the sound in the sound system, so called the sound source. Common audio source carriers include CD (small compact discs), cassette tapes, LP (compact discs), etc. Now, more advanced new carriers such as DVD-1 (audio DVD) and SACD (Super Audio CD) have appeared. In the above carrier, the tape can be repeatedly recorded and recorded, that is, the user can change the content on the tape, and the information of the other carriers is once filled in by the factory and cannot be changed. Of course, with the increasing popularity of computers, CD-R/CD-RW discs, which were originally designed for the computer industry, are gradually entering the audio field. CD-R/CD-RW can record messages by themselves, unlike CDs, which only have factory-produced recordings finished product.

Another meaning of the sound source refers to the device that plays the sound source carrier. The time source carrier such as the above CD, cassette tape, LP record, etc. records the sound message, but the corresponding device must read the message and transmit it to other devices in the sound system as an electrical signal. The device for playing CDs is called CD player, which is one of the mainstream high-performance audio source devices; the device for recording tape cassettes is called a card holder. Of course, the popular recorder can also record and play tapes. The tape recorder can be regarded as an extended function card. Block - added the radio, amplifier part, but also comes with speakers, but the performance of the tape recorder part of the tape recorder is usually far less than the deck, so we only talk about the deck now. Of course, due to the impact of the CD, the influence of the deck and the tape is far less than before; the device for playing LP records is called the LP player. The LP record and record player used to be the best performing and fidelity sound source in the sound system, but it also declined due to the impact of the CD.



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