The Knowledge of Sound Card

- Aug 28, 2018-

The sound card is divided into two independent sound cards and a built-in sound card; the independent sound card has more filter capacitors and power amplifier tubes. After several secondary signal amplification and noise reduction circuits, the accuracy of the output audio signal is improved, so the sound quality output is better. The independent sound card has a rich audio adjustment function, which can be adjusted according to different needs of users.

The function of the sound card: 1. Through the control of the sound card and the corresponding driver, the signals from the microphone, the recorder and other audio sources are collected, and then compressed and stored in the memory or hard disk of the computer system. 2. The digital sound file compressed by the laser disk is restored into a high-quality sound signal, which is amplified and released through the speaker. 3. Digital sound files are processed to achieve a specific audio effect. 4. The volume, the combination of various sound sources to achieve the function of the reverberator. 5. Synthetic technology, reading text information through sound card such as reading English words and sentences, playing music and so on. 6. Audio recognition function. Let the operator use the password to direct the computer to work. 7. Electronic musical instruments. Under the action of the driver, the sound card can output the files stored in the MIDI format to the corresponding electronic musical instruments, and emit corresponding sounds. Make the electronic musical instrument under the command of the sound card. Simply put, the sound is converted to make the sound clearer and more pleasant.



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