The Knowledge of Reverberation

- Nov 02, 2018-

Reverberation is a natural phenomenon that makes indoor sounds. The indoor sound source continuously sounds. When the balance is reached (the absorbed sound energy in the room is equal to the emitted sound energy), the sound source is turned off, and there is still a residual sound in the room. This phenomenon is called reverberation. Reverberation is caused by acoustic reflection. If there is no acoustic reflection and no reverberation, indoor acoustic reflection can be distinguished as:

1. Early reflection: also known as axial reflection, after a reflection into the human ear's reflection, the amplitude is large, for rectangular rooms, up to 6 early reflections. It has an impact on the thickness of the sound.

2. Early and mid-term reflection: also known as tangential reflection, from the same plane after more than two reflections, only into the human ear's reflected sound, the amplitude is smaller than the early reflection sound. Its density reflects the size of the space, and the overall frequency structure and attenuation characteristics are closely related to the reflective environment.

3. Late reflection: also called oblique reflection, from each reflection surface after multiple reflections into the human ear's reflection sound, the amplitude is smaller, the density is higher.



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