The Knowledge of Monitor

- Sep 27, 2018-

The role and significance of monitoring is self-evident. The role of recording and mixing is very important. It directly affects your judgment of sound quality, especially in post-processing and mixing. It is necessary to invest more in the monitoring device and try to use professional monitoring equipment. In terms of the feeling and judgment of the details, the effect of the headphones is obviously better than the speakers, so high-quality professional monitor headphones are also indispensable. When recording a singer's singing, in order to avoid recording the accompaniment music at the same time, the singer should also wear headphones.

The position of the monitor speakers is also very particular. It is necessary to fully consider the influence of room size, wall and floor sound absorption and reflection performance on the operator. Generally, the left and right sides are placed separately, each speaker and wall, floor and operation. There must be a certain distance between the two. It is not recommended to use the wrap-around four speakers for recording during recording and mixing.



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