The Knowledge of Hi-fi System

- Oct 30, 2018-

According to the original intention of the hi-fi system, it guarantees the true performance of the live performance, that is, the program played by the high-fidelity system should be the same or substantially close to the effect of the live performance. However, in order to achieve the effect of live performance, it is not enough to pay attention only from the playback stage. The whole process from live performance, program recording, and program source production to playback must meet the requirements of high fidelity technology, including Necessary modifications to the signal during playback.

Evaluating the fidelity of a high-fidelity audio device, although specifying many quantified technical indicators such as frequency response, distortion, transient response, and signal-to-noise ratio, they are simply for verifying the fidelity of the device. By examining these indicators, indirectly understand how close or how different the signal played by the device is to live performance. A good set of high-fidelity sound, its playback effect should be very close to the effect of live performance.

One of the fidelity indicators for one of the main components of an audio system is the frequency response. Almost all power amplifiers have a frequency response characteristic that is not completely flat, which means that they do not give the same amplification to the frequency components in the source signal, especially at the high and low frequencies. In order to adjust and correct this imbalance, a multi-band frequency equalizer is set in the sound system.

When you go to the concert, you will be inspired by the spirit, not only because of the beautiful music melody, but also the live reality of playing and singing.

However, recorded programs delivered through the audio system often make people feel monotonous and boring. In addition to other factors, an important reason is that during the recording and playback of the program, all the music signals have to be "crowded" and interfere with each other through a signal channel. Therefore, in addition to the two-channel stereo system, the modern hi-fi system also has multi-channel stereo, surround sound and digital delay circuits for enhanced presence and various live sound processing circuits. These circuits are in addition to restoring the field effect. There are also some additional artifacts. But whether it is to restore the scene effect or add new effects. The purpose is always to maximize the effect of the live performance and singing of the recorded programs played through the sound system.



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