The Knowledge of Digital Network Broadcasting

- Sep 13, 2018-

1. How many broadcast signals can a digital network broadcast transmit at the same time?

Because digital network broadcasting is pure digital signal transmission, it is not limited by the number of programs. It can broadcast different programs to each network broadcasting terminal. It is no problem to transmit dozens or even hundreds of signals simultaneously in actual use. , fully meet the requirements of regular broadcasting.

2. What is the wiring structure of digital network broadcasting, and how far can it be transmitted?

Digital network broadcasting is designed according to the technical standards of the most common Ethernet transmission architecture. As long as there is a network interface, network broadcasting terminals can be installed without special wiring, whether it is optical fiber, super five cable, digital microwave or wireless network. Bridges can transmit network audio broadcasts as long as the network is connected.

3. Should digital network broadcasting be transmitted over the wide area network (Internet)?

Yes, each terminal of the digital network broadcast has its own fixed independent IP and server to communicate, but in the wide area network, the telecom operator assigns each user a dynamic IP, so that the network broadcast terminal cannot be combined with the wide area network. Direct server communication, Stellar Coton uses IP resolution technology, can set up a VNN server specifically, as a relay in the communication, that is, when the network broadcast terminal and the broadcast server work on the Internet, they first access the VNN after startup. The server reports its own IP address and ID to the VNN server, and then the VNN server directs the IP of each terminal to the broadcast server to establish two-way communication, thereby completing the network broadcast on the wide area network.

4. Can digital network broadcasting be broadcast live?

Yes, the network broadcast can be collected, quantized, and encoded in real time through the LININE port of the sound card, and the live broadcast function can be realized.



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