The Knowledge of Anti-noise in Recording

- Oct 09, 2018-

1. Pay attention to shockproof. The dynamic wheat recording is usually fixed on the microphone stand, and the microphone stand is not shockproof. It is directly in contact with the microphone and the building, and it is easy to transmit the vibration of the floor and the building into the microphone, and the noise is more obvious. If there is no shock mount, the following measures should be taken:

The hand of the softly wrapped microphone is fastened to the microphone stand with a soft cotton cloth. The legs of the microphone stand are also padded with soft objects (a quilt or a thick cotton coat can be used). Practice has proved that this effect is very good.

If you are holding a handheld microphone, the friction between the microphone and the hand and the shaking of the hand can easily introduce some noise. It can also be wrapped in cotton and then held in hand, and the noise is smaller.

2. Properly control the distance between the microphone and the mouth. Some friends often use the phenomenon of squirting when recording, which is caused by the improper angle and distance of the microphone. The distance between the microphone and the mouth should be controlled at about 8-10CM. The microphone should be tilted from the cheek (45 degree angle) to the mouth, but cannot let the air flow directly onto the microphone. This will lose some treble and the recording volume is relatively small, so the microphone amplifier is designed with high-pitched excitation and high gain amplification to make up for this loss.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the distance between the mouth and the microphone through the head when singing. Especially when singing to high sound, it is necessary to stay away from the microphone properly, otherwise it will cause recording clipping distortion, which is a problem that cannot be eliminated by the later use of the compressor.

3. Keep the microphone away from the display and turn off the display if necessary. When you record, bring the microphone close to the monitor, and the recorded vocals will have obvious noise. This is caused by electromagnetic radiation radiating outward from the display. Therefore, the microphone should be removed from the display by more than 1.5 meters. Because it is far from the display, it may not be possible to use the display as a lyrics prompt, and the font size can be set larger. Some monitors, even if they are far apart, will receive a howling sound when recording. This is caused by the serial frequency signal of the monitor being inserted into the recording channel. You can turn off the monitor after clicking the recording button during recording. Then turn it on again.



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