The Introduction to Condenser Microphone

- Nov 21, 2018-

The core component of a condenser microphone is a pole, consisting of two metal films; when the sound waves cause vibration, the difference in the spacing of the metal films causes the capacitance to be different, and the current is generated. Because the pole requires a certain voltage for polarization, the condenser microphone generally needs to be powered by phantom power to work. Capacitive microphones are characterized by high sensitivity and high directivity. Therefore, it is generally used in various professional music, film and television recording, and is very common in the studio.

In addition, a condenser microphone is called an electret microphone. The electret microphone has the characteristics of small size, wide frequency range, high fidelity and low cost, and has been widely used in electronic products such as communication equipment and household appliances. In the production of electret microphones, the diaphragm has been subjected to high-voltage polarization treatment and will be permanently charged with a certain amount of charge, so no additional polarization voltage is required. For portable requirements, the electret condenser microphone can be made very small, so it will affect the sound quality to a certain extent.



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