The Introduction to Basic Knowledge of Video Recording

- Sep 29, 2018-

According to the usual classification, film and television sounds can be divided into vocals, natural sounds and music. Vocals mainly refer to language and breath sounds. Under normal circumstances, these sounds have been recorded at the shooting scene. The main treatment of vocals in post-production is to adjust the level, edit points, and repair the lines. This process is generally called repair points.

In the same period of recording, some scenes wired microphones and wireless microphones are used interchangeably, sometimes recorded separately, and the spatial sound and tone of the sounds recorded by these two types of microphones are different. When the distance between the two types of microphones and the sound source is too far apart, there will be a two-tone phenomenon due to the difference between the speed of sound propagation in the air and the speed of electromagnetic wave propagation, which requires careful adjustment on the audio workstation.

And some natural sounds must be done later, such as wind, rain, thunder and so on. Use the fire truck to shoot the rain show. If the pre-processing is good, you only need to find a background rain sound to make a transition. This can avoid re-matching the lines. Of course, if you have not recorded it in the early stage, only the later dubbing is available.

When the language and environment sounds are adjusted, you can synthesize music. In general, this work is done by the composer or music editor along with the sound engineer. The music of the main scenes and passages is generally well-positioned and sometimes adjusted. Relatively speaking, this part of the work has the greatest degree of freedom, because after all, it has nothing to do with the story.



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