The Importance of the Microphone Spray Guard

- Jul 24, 2018-

The microphone spray guard is a protective cover that can effectively prevent the phenomenon of the mic. In fact, its role can be large. First of all, when recording vocals, the singer often sprays the airflow onto the microphone, so that the recorded sound will have a distinct jetting sound, commonly known as “spraying wheat”. This phenomenon adds a lot trouble to the post processing.

In order to reduce the post-processing, a professional anti-spray hood is placed in front of the vocal microphone, which can effectively offset the sound. For this reason, the spray guard is one of the most important accessories for professional recording.

In general, ordinary vocals are longitudinal waves of reciprocating vibrations, which are manifested by the fact that the input signal is far less pronounced than the blasting sound. The main function of the blowout prevention net is to neutralize the blasting airflow. In principle, we can regard the blasting sound as a one-way moving gas, which will produce a larger diaphragm when it hits the condenser microphone diaphragm. Displacement, after being converted into an input signal, the sound is amplified, so the hazard is not small.

In summary, we understand the role of the spray guard, which is that it can effectively reduce the plosive sound (such as "B", "P", "T" and "K"), and can reduce the moisture content of the spit and other sounds invasion; prevent the sprayed saliva from corroding the sound of the sound head. The spray guard is suitable for computer recording production, network karaoke, web chat, network anchor, studio recording, podcasting, radio station and other occasions.



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