The Importance Of Reverberation

- Jun 13, 2018-

In our life, reverberation can be seen everywhere. You yell at home and the sound reflects on objects. Each room has different reverberation characteristics due to different room sizes, different furnishings, and different wall materials. Different locations in the same room are different because you are different from the walls. Reverb characteristics.

In different situations, the reverberation time requirements are also different. The reverberation time in concert halls and theaters is longer than in lecture halls, so as to make the voice more emotional. Among them, light music requires a clear rhythm, reverberation time is shorter, and the reverberation time of a symphony can be longer. High-quality concert halls or theaters, in order to meet different requirements, need to manually adjust the reverberation time, or change the sound absorption of the hall.

The professional recording studios are reverberated. They have a lot of plate-like materials and can flexibly transform the room into various reverberation features. However, with the rapid development of digital recording technology, digital reverb effects can simulate reverberation under real conditions, so the current small and medium recording studios and personal studios are made without reverberation.

Reverb usually determines the length of the reverberation and has a direct effect on the color and clarity of the sound. Under normal circumstances, when the bass concert, you can adjust the reverberation time shorter to improve the clarity of the sound; if it is the soprano singing, you can extend the reverberation time to increase the color of the sound. For singing venues, if the walls around the room are made of wooden materials, the reverberation time should be reduced to avoid obscuring the sound; otherwise, if the room is hung with sound-absorbing materials such as velvet curtains, such rooms should be Increase the reverberation time to avoid dry sound. In addition, the audience and audience of the audience also have a great influence, because the audience's clothing also has a great sound absorption.

Fully direct sound without reverb sound output, can not play a role in improving and beautifying the sound, so usually this situation is only used for meetings to speak or recite occasions. Properly increasing the proportion of reverberant sound components is conducive to simulating the natural reverberation sound, making the sound full and pleasant, and can increase the audience's three-dimensional scene.



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