The Importance of Checking the Recording Equipment

- Sep 26, 2018-

For sound engineers, it is very important to check the recording equipment. Because the recording device may be dusty, checking the recording device is something the sound engineer must do. So, how should the sound engineer check the recording equipment?

First of all, the sound engineer should check the knobs and faders. These two components are often used. The recording environment in the field is not always very good. Under harsh conditions, the knobs and faders are likely to move due to collision. Bit, this may cause an unexpected increase or decrease in the recording level.

Secondly, the volume meter is a very important component; don't rely on your ear for volume adjustment. In the recording work, you must rely on the volume meter to tell you that the level is too high or too low, and then make the necessary level adjustment. Be sure to wear headphones to monitor the sound quality and microphone position. While monitoring the recording level with the volume meter on the recorder, the headphones are used to monitor the quality of the picked up sound. There are many aspects of the volume meter that can't be displayed.

Again, the number is zero decibels, and there is currently no professional standard for digital 0dB reference levels. Some digital devices, such as hard disk recorders and camcorders for live recording, are based on -18dB and some are based on -20dB. In any case, the principle is the same, and what we are pursuing is the same. The recording level should be as high as possible without clipping distortion.



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