The Human Ear's Perception Of Audio

- Jul 03, 2018-

The human ear is sensitive to the orientation, loudness, tone and tone of the sound. There are big differences.

1. Sense of orientation: The human ear has a strong ability to distinguish the direction, distance and location of the sound. This auditory characteristic of the human ear is called "a sense of orientation."

2. Sense of loudness: For a small sound, as long as the loudness is slightly increased, the human ear can feel it, but when the sound level increases to a certain value, even if there is a large increase, the human ear feels no significant change. The audible sound is usually divided into three parts according to the multiplication relationship to determine the low, medium and high audio segments. That is: the bass band 20Hz-160Hz, the middle audio segment 160Hz−2500H z, the high audio segment 2500 Hz−20KHz.

3 Sense of tone: refers to a special auditory comprehensive feeling of the human ear on the tone.

4. Focusing effect: The auditory characteristics of the human ear can be focused from a large number of sounds to a certain point. For example, when we listen to the symphony, we concentrate our energy and listening on the sound of the violin. The music played by other instruments will be suppressed by the cerebral cortex, making you feel the pure violin performance. This kind of inhibition ability varies from person to person, and people who often do listening exercise have strong inhibition ability. We call this auditory characteristic of the human ear a "focus effect." Doing more exercise in this area can improve the ability of the human ear to distinguish the tone, quality, resolution and level of a certain spectrum.



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