The Harm of Acoustic Feedback

- Sep 19, 2018-

Once the acoustic feedback phenomenon occurs, the volume of the microphone channel cannot be adjusted greatly. After the adjustment, the howling is very serious, which will have a very bad effect on the live performance, or the sound will ring when the microphone sounds louder (When the sound feedback is at the critical point, the sound of the microphone sounds), the sound has a sense of reverberation, destroying the sound quality; the heavy result causes the speaker or power amplifier to burn out due to the signal being too strong, so that the performance cannot be performed normally, causing huge economic loss and reputation loss. Judging from the level of sound accidents, the silent and acoustic feedback whistling is the biggest accident, so the speaker should enter the maximum possibility to avoid the occurrence of acoustic feedback to ensure the normal operation of the sound reinforcement.

Whether or not the sound feedback whistling can be fully suppressed is an important factor in measuring the level of tuning technology of a professional sound engineer. Therefore, the sound engineer should know that those methods can fully suppress the sound feedback. Because the howling is well suppressed, the volume can be made very loud when playing and singing with a microphone, and the singer and the player are satisfied; otherwise, the singing sound is suppressed by the accompaniment music, and the microphone sound is not fully understood, or the microphone sound cannot be fully expanded. Once the volume is turned on, there will be a howling, which is very disappointing.

The situation of burning the speaker's tweeter due to the acoustic feedback whistling is too numerous, because in the acoustic feedback state, the signal will be strong, which will cause the power amplifier to have clipping distortion, and the clipping distortion will generate a large number of high frequency harmonics. After the harmonics are sent into the tweeter of the speaker, the tweeter cannot withstand such a powerful high-frequency signal, which will cause the voice coil current to burn too much. In addition, in the acoustic feedback state, the amplifier will be overloaded due to excessive output. In an overload condition, the power amplifier is very likely to burn out.



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