The Functions of Sound Card

- Jul 30, 2018-

1. Play digital music:

This is the most basic function of a sound card, thanks to improvements in the way digital music is stored. From the original wav to the popular MP3, in the emerging audio format such as wma, digital music is accepted by the majority of users. The original sound card can only play a simple tone, and later on the 8bit sound card, 16bit sound card, the computer is more and more suitable for playing music. At present, the most high-end sound card pushes the maximum sampling rate supported by the sound card to 192 kHz, and the size is also as high as 24 bits. So we can enjoy MP3/CD or even DVD Audio on the computer.

2. Recording:

This is also one of the most basic functions of a sound card, collecting signals from a microphone. At present, most civil sound cards can collect 48KHz/16bit signals. Although many ordinary users don't care much about the sound card recording function, it has to be said that this is a function that can bring a lot of fun. With her, you can karaoke on your computer, entertain yourself, and enjoy yourself. If the recording quality of the sound card is not bad, only a better microphone is needed. It is not difficult to make a personal CD. With voice input software, it can also be used as a voice input method. At present, the high-end sound card supports 96KHz/24bit recording, and the actual recording effect has reached a high level, which provides a better guarantee for the hardware environment of the home recording studio. Future computers are likely to implement voice control, which will also be closely related to the sound card.

3. Voice communication:

When the sound card has the ability to output and input signals, the sound card becomes an important part of voice communication. If the sound card can output and input signals at the same time, this sound card supports dual-working mode, which is very suitable for voice communication on the network. The cost of voice communication on the Internet is unimaginably low. It is much cheaper than traditional telephones. If you want to communicate frequently across regions, using PC to PC voice communication is a very cost-effective way, thanks to the current network conditions. Improvement, communication quality has also been greatly improved, not worse than the traditional phone, only better. This will also be one of the development directions of future communications.

4. Real-time effectors:

When computer games become more and more 3D, users not only require 3D images, but also require the sound to simulate the real environment. Some of them have proposed 3D sound solutions, the most famous of which are Aureal's A3D, Microsoft DirectSound and Creative EAX. These proposals require that the sound card has a very powerful computing power to simulate the real sound. 3D game fans are also listening to all directions. The proposal of these programs has improved the function of the sound card, and the entertainment of the sound card has been greatly enriched. The realization of these functions is related to the ability of the sound card to process signals. Not only do these sounds are needed in the game, but also in music appreciation. The famous Winamp player has many real-time effects of DirectSound. When listening to music, we can add echo, reverb, and even the effects of the amplifier. The implementation of these effects also requires sound card acceleration to support. Of course, the implementation of these effects does not necessarily require a sound card, can be simulated by software, but hardware acceleration does not sacrifice performance.



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