The Functions of Frequency Divider

- Oct 11, 2018-

1. Make all kinds of speakers work in the most suitable audio segment

Speakers with different diaphragm sizes and materials have different operating bands. The louder the speaker is, the better the low frequency characteristics. Therefore, under the same conditions, the 18-inch bass effect is definitely better than the 15-inch bass effect.

The better the rigidity and brittleness of the diaphragm material, the lighter the quality, and the better the high frequency characteristics of the sound reproduction. Many tweeters use titanium film or indium film as the diaphragm material to improve their high-frequency characteristics. The diaphragm of the woofer generally uses materials such as paper, carbon fiber, bulletproof cloth and rubber (edge) to facilitate bass reproduction.

The frequency divider can be used to send high-frequency signals to the tweeters, and the low-frequency signals are sent to the woofer. The high- and low-frequency signals are used in different ways, and the operating band advantages of the respective speakers are utilized as much as possible to ensure the speakers in different working frequency bands. Give full play to make the playback characteristics of each frequency more balanced.

2. Cutting distortion caused by different vibration amplitudes of different frequency sound speaker diaphragms

When the speaker is pronounced, its vibrating bass vibration amplitude is large and the high-pitched vibration amplitude is small. Theoretically speaking, the vibration amplitude of the speaker cone is inversely proportional to the square of the reproduction sound frequency, that is, the same speaker diaphragm, the lower the frequency, the larger the amplitude under the action of the signal voltage of the same amplitude, that is, if the frequency is increased 10 times, the amplitude will be reduced by a factor of 10, or 100 times.

If we use a single speaker to produce a wide range of frequencies, it is very difficult to have very wide amplitude of vibration due to the mechanical properties of the diaphragm. This will inevitably cause distortion of the sound and make the sound quality reproducible.

The study found that the cutting distortion has the greatest influence on the bass. When the woofer delivers the bass, as long as there is a high-pitched component, it will inevitably lead to cutting distortion, causing the bass to tremble and tremble. Of course, the distortion of the tweeter will also make the treble hoarse, but it will not affect the bass.

3. Reduce the sound produced between different speakers in the same speaker

Interference phenomenon for the tweeters and woofers in high and low-pitched speakers, although they work in different frequency bands, if the full-range signal is sent to the tweeter and woofer without dividing the frequency, it will definitely appear high. When the woofer emits the same sound at the same time, when the same sound of different speakers meets, it is very likely that people who have mutual interference with sound waves have a little common sense. Once the sound interference occurs, the comb filtering effect appears a series of problems, such as waves, which affect the sound reproduction in varying degrees.

After setting the frequency dividing circuit, the treble and woofer respectively obtain their own best working frequency sound signals, and the frequency range of sounds between them is hardly covered, except for a small amount of interference in the speaker crossover point and the crossover cross area. The interference of frequency sounds no longer exists.



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