The Function of the Earphone Sponge Cover

- Aug 16, 2018-

The design and wearing style of the flat earplugs determine that the ear canal cannot be sealed, so many sounds are leaking along with the gap around the earphones, especially the bass. Because the area of the diaphragm of the earplugs is limited, it is impossible to generate bass sound waves with too long wavelength. Therefore, it is very easy to do a good job in the middle and high frequency, but it has repeatedly been criticized by consumers on the bass.

The earplugs with sponges can better close the ear canal when worn, thus retaining more bass. At the same time, the porous material of the sponge has strong sound absorption and absorbs a lot of high frequency, making the sound the sense of balance goes to the bottom. And because of the damping effect, the characteristics of the diaphragm vibration are changed, and the mid-low frequency thickness of the sound is suddenly increased, resulting in lower dive, and the overall sense of hearing is also warmed up.



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