The Function Of Some Common Frequency Points

- Jun 19, 2018-

50Hz, this is the lowest frequency band that we commonly use. This band is the most important frequency band that you hear outside of the hall. It is also the frequency that people can dance for. By properly promoting it, you will get an exciting drum sound. However, be sure to cut out all the 50Hz voices in the vocals, because it must be the voice of the jet wheat.

70100Hz, this is the necessary frequency for us to obtain the powerful BASS. At the same time, it is also the frequency that needs to be removed. Remember that BASS and Drum don't raise the same frequency; otherwise the Drum will be masked.

200400Hz, this band has several main uses as follows. First is the woody sound band of the snare drum; secondly, this is the frequency band that eliminates the sensation of dirty vocals; thirdly, for guitars, raising this band will make the sound warmer; Fourth, for Cymbal and Percussion, attenuating this band can increase their crispness. Among them, at the frequency of 250Hz, the proper gain for the floor drum can make the floor drum sound less heavy, and it is used in many clear pop music.

400800Hz, adjust this band to get a clearer BASS and make the drums warmer. In addition, the thickness of guitar sound can be adjusted by gaining or attenuating certain frequency points in this frequency band.

8001KHz, this band can be used to adjust the "sturdy" level of the vocal, or to enhance the percussion of the floor drum, and is more suitable for the dance floor.

1KHz to 3KHz, this band is a "hard" band. Among them, the improvement of 1.5 KHz~2.5KHz can increase the "sharp" feeling of guitar or BASS; slight attenuation at 2~3KHz will make the voice become smoother and smoother; otherwise, some people's voices will sound like singing Like a fight, you can use such a process to calm the singer's anger! In turn, boosting in this band will also increase the vocal or piano sharpness. In general, this frequency band is often called the noise band. If it is too much, the whole music will be confused. However, proper use of the instrument will make the instrument stand out.

3KHz~6KHz, the sound is still hard at 3KHz. As for 6KHz, raising this frequency can improve the clarity of the vocals or make the guitar sound more gorgeous.

6KHz10KHz, this band can increase the "sweet" feel of the sound. And increase the airy feeling of the sound, breath feeling. It can increase the crisp sound of guitar (but be careful not to over use). Percussion, Snare Drum, and Cymbal can all be used to beautify the sound in this band. Also, the string and some of the synthesizers' integrated timbres can get the “blade” feel of the sound in this band.

10KHz to 16KHz, raising this band will make the vocals more splendid, and it will be able to boost the sharpest part of the Cymbal and Percussion. However, it should be noted that you must first confirm that there is a sound in this band; otherwise, what you add is definitely noise.



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