The Function of Each Unit Circuit in the Audio Power Amplifier

- Oct 12, 2018-

1. Voltage amplification stage. It is used to voltage amplify the input signal to a certain level of the signal voltage applied to the push stage. Depending on the machine's audio output power requirements, the voltage amplifiers can vary in number of stages, either as a primary voltage amplifier or as a multi-stage voltage amplifier.

2. Driver stage. It is used to push the output stage of the power amplifier to further amplify the signal voltage and current. Some push stages also need to output two push signals of equal magnitude and opposite direction. The push amplifier is also a primary voltage, current amplifier that operates in a large signal amplification state.

3. Output stage. Used to current amplify the signal. The voltage amplification stage and the boost stage have performed sufficient voltage amplification on the signal voltage, and the output stage performs current amplification to achieve the purpose of signal power amplification, because the output signal power is equal to the product of the output signal current and voltage.



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