The Function of Each Frequency Band Sound

- Aug 20, 2018-

The human ear feels the sound frequency from the lowest 20Hz to the highest 20KHz, while the human voice frequency range is concentrated between 80Hz~12KHz. The sound of different frequency bands is different for people.

1. 20Hz--60Hz part. This promotion can give a strong feeling to the music, giving people a very loud feeling, such as thunder. If the elevation is too high, it will be turbid, resulting in poor definition, especially for low-frequency response and low-frequency audio equipment.

2. 60Hz--250Hz part. This is the low-frequency structure of music, which contains the basic sounds of the rhythm part, including the main sound of the pitch and rhythm sounds. Its ratio to the high-pitched tone constitutes the balance of the tone structure. Raising this section will make the sound full, and excessive boost will make a rumble. Attenuating this band and the high midrange will make the sound thin.

3. 250Hz--4KHz part. This section contains the low-frequency harmonics of most instruments, and affects the clarity of sounds such as vocals and instruments. The adjustment should match the setting of the front bass; otherwise the sound quality will become very dull. If the lift is too much, the sound will be like the sound in the phone; if the 600Hz and 1kHz are excessively raised, the sound will be like the sound of the speaker; if the 3KHz is raised too much, the speech of the speech will be masked, that is, the articulation will be unclear and the lip sound will be " m, b, v" are difficult to distinguish; if the 1kHz and 3kHz are excessively raised, the sound will have a metallic feel. Since the human ear is sensitive to this frequency band, this segment is usually not adjusted, and excessively increasing this segment will cause hearing fatigue.

4. 4KHz--5KHz part. This is the frequency band that affects the sense of presence (distance). Raising this frequency band makes people feel that the distance between the sound source and the listener is a little closer; the attenuation will make the distance of the sound farther; if it is increased by 6dB around 5KHz, the sound power of the whole mixed sound will be improved. 3dB.

5. 6KHz—16KHz part. This band controls the brightness, macro brightness and sharpness of the tone. Generally, raising this part makes the sound loud, but not clear, and may cause the tooth to be too heavy; attenuating this part makes the sound clear and the sound quality is slightly thin. This band is suitable for reducing vocals.



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